New usb recorder update with new features

Version 3.0 with patches and new features

And so it becomes official! The latest software version 3.0 has been in beta for a while and it has performed well! Not only does it of course include small patches for bugs but it more importantly offers an entirely revamped Web Interface - with an embedded video preview! I hope this shows that we constantly do our best to both listen to the amazing feedback many of you give us but we also always strive to improve the product. All future updates are included in the purchase. We truly care about you, our users and customers, and we always try our hardest to give you the best possible results!

So check out our FTP for the latest software. (For FTP access, email with your units ID nr).

New Offices and New Developers

Stockholm City, here we come

We were sad to leave our previous offices. LGZ spent 2 years growing quite intensely there. We got to know the talented people at Mediatec Broadcast and that is also where the LGZ USB Recorder was born. But it is also with confidence and hopes that we look towards the future in our new offices in the city! We have in the few months we've been here already made great development strides in both existing and new projects, but we also now feel quite comfortable and at home in our new offices. So do come by and visit!

Newest Deceloper - Simon Simonsson

It is with open arms that we welcome the newest member of the team, Simon Simonsson! He is an experienced developer that started out as a consultant helping us out on smaller projects. He however quickly showed a great interest and passion for what we do and enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of our offices. We therefore look forward many years together we our new colleague!

Better USB Recorder and new prototypes in development

The DVD is dead

USB Recorders can now be found on all continents and the files can finally be played back on Quicktime 10. Customers can now on a vast majority of computers and laptops easily play back the high-quality files. The video and audio quality is unmatched by DVD's and of course, you get 8 copies at once! A big thumbs up goes out to our partner WTS Broadcast for their great job promoting the USB Recorder.

New prototype at IBC 2014?

With IBC 2014 slowly approaching we are getting everything ready to unveil our newest prototype. Indeed the long awaited and brand new Next Generation Replay will be up and running for demos at IBC. Having listened to the amazing feedback we've received over the years we hope to show everyone what a great device can be made for impressingly little money! See you there.

A New Year and new products

IIHF Junior Icehockey World Cup

The LGZ Referee system is once again proving itself at the IIHF Junior World Cup in Malmö, Sweden. The exciting event went off without a hitch and the IIHF Referees could enjoy High Definition surveillance of the games to review in detail all the action. The export feature also allowed referees to quickly share with each other clips of the many important highlights. And of course, the system is still being improved with each passing week as more channels are now available and the export feature now comes in a user-friendly network interface.

Coming in the next few months..

  • Quicktime support for files from the USB Recorder
  • 8 channel version of the Referee System
  • Brand new "Next Generation" Replay unit
  • And much more of course!

A look back and a look forward..

TVBEurope Best of IBC 2013 Award

This years IBC was probably the best one so far. Not only did we have a great time with our coexhibitors (MultiCam Systems) but we had a fenomenal turn out at our stand. Lots of visitors from all around the globe showed a lot of interest in our different products, but of course, the star this year was our USB Recorder. We are glad indeed to see thats it is being very well received and that a lot of people have asked to get their hands on it for testing (which we have happily complied week in the weeks since IBC). Best of course, is that it won the TVBEurope Best of IBC Award!


New products in the pipeline for 2014

Apart from, of course, working on updates for our existing products; the year 2014 will see new innovative, simple, affordable and professional products. The development team is keeping very busy with some neat ideas we hope to present in Q1 and Q2 of 2014 so do keep your eyes open for whats to come!

IBC Exhibition 2013

IBC Exhibition with multiCAM Systems

For the year 2013 IBC Exhibition, we've been kindly invited to join multiCAM Systems on their exhibition seeing how our products complete each other in many useful ways. Both their and our products will be at the show for hands-on tests where you can see what all the presented solutions can offer you. We will of course also be available for questions, feedback or just a friendly chat.

MultiCAM Systems main attraction is their impressive MultiCAM Studio solution paired with new and unique cameras whereas we will focuse on our LGZ Replay and LGZ USB Recorder. Of course, all these products come together in an interesting synergy to offer a complete and professional production solution.

Find us at

Hall 11 || Stand 11.E41a


IIHF 2013 Ice Hockey World Championship

Digitalization and workflow improvements

With the LGZ USB Recorder and the LGZ Referee Video Goal Judge System, the IIHF and the Host Broadcaster (Mediatec Broadcast) could enjoy easy access to digital copies in H264 of all games as soon as they ended. From the Video Goal Judge System, specific clips could be exported to a server accessible from both Finland and Sweden so that Referees and Supervisors always could access all important clips.

During the tournament, more than 800 USB sticks were sucessfully recorded and distributed thanks to the USB Recorder and all 64 games were properly reviewed and analyzed thanks to the Video Goal Judge System. The Championship was in all aspects and for all parties a great experience and we look forward future projects that may arise from these events.


LGZ USB Web Interface

Official release of the web interface

Several customers have for several weeks now tested the new Web Interface and the latest (free) software upgrade to the LGZ USB Recorder. Tests show that it seems to work just as intenden and makes its use even more user-friendly than it already was. We look forward more feedback and ideas from all our customers as to how to improve and what new products you wish us to develop!


A new year, more updates and more products in development

Starting our second year

Two years have now passed since we became and official OEM company! We'd like to thank everyone that has helped us on the way and we are really happy with how far we've come in this short time! We have resellers and customers across Europe and even a few further off. We have three products and several more in development (although we won't reveal what yet, be patient!). We've established good partnerships we both suppliers and customers and bussiness is really starting to thrive! So to everyone, cheers and 'til next time.


The web interface update for the LGZ USB Recorder is planned to be released in 4 weeks! We've also sneaked a few stability upgrades as well and while we were at it we added a few more features in the LGZ Replay (which is now at its software version 3.1.1). If you haven't received an update in the mail, don't hesitate to contact us and get your latest software.

Hamburg Open, Resellers and LGZ USB update

Hamburg Open with MCI

After a very successful IBC we are now looking forward the Hamburg Open with MCI, one of our resellers in Germany! We will there demo both the LGZ Replay as well as the LGZ USB Recorder. Come and check out our booth!

LGZ USB software update coming soon

All our customers that have had the chance to test or work with teh LGZ USB Recorder have asked about it and it will soon be reality! We are working on a web interface. It will make the unit very OB friendly as users will be able to control the unit via a simple LAN web interface!

Hamburg Open with MCI

We've added a few local resellers to our ranks so don't hesitate to contact your local reseller and ask for a demo! If we haven't established one yet in your region, you are welcome to contact us directly.

New product, more exhibitions

LGZ USB Recorder

Everybody attending the Blackmagic Design Event in Sintra, Portugal got to see the new LGZ USB Recorder in action. Finally you can record in real time and on several USB memory devices your audio and video data in high quality H264 that is easily played back on smartTVs, laptops and Mac computers. Check out its specifications and don't hesitate to contact us if you too want to test it! Shipping will start in the 2nd week of september.

IBC 2012 in Amsterdam

It has already been 1 year since we exhibited for the first time at IBC. We are now back and have 2 new products to show for ourselves. For your convenience we've set them up in together with PALS and Hitachi in a well designed HD OB-van. You are of course welcome to come by and test all their features out. Especially the Super Slowmo feature that will be shown with Hitachis new SSM camera. And of course, don't miss the new LGZ USB Recorder which has its world premiere at IBC.

You'll find us at the Hitachi booth - 11E30 (thats Hall 11, booth E30). See you there!

Summer 2012

2012 Icehockey World Championship

This past spring sure has been full of adventures. It started with the completion of the LGZREF product line. Our devices were used by the IIHF in Sweden and Finland. They were used to overview all the games and get fast and easy access to video data required to ensure that the referee decisions were fair, just and quick. Both the production company Mediatec Broadcast and the IIHF were very satisfied with the performance of our products so we can only hope to soon find more events where we can be of service.

DBU Pokalen Final in Danmark

The 17th May 2012 we had a just.REPLAY device working side by side with 3 EVS on the DBU Pokalen Final in Copenhague. The game went great and of course our device worked without a glitch. We may not try to replace EVS but we sure managed to pack enough quality, speed and userfriendliness in our device to still be of significant assistance during big events.

Release of a new product in July

We have since the release of our LGZREF worked fervently to finalize our newest product as fast as possible. All focus is now on getting it perfect and we can gladly announce that it will be released in july. As we are hoping to impress everyone attending an event in Portugal in July we are waiting with the announcment of what the product actually is, but please be patient as I'm sure you'll appreciate it when it is unveiled.

Spring at LGZ


As you can see on the above picture. The ice is releasing its grip on Stockholm. Spring is here and as promised, it has brought news to LGZ. THe LGZ Ref system is now ready and available. Its first official appearance will be at the Ice Hockey world cup (the B division in Poland and then the A division in Sweden and Finland). Referees will finally be able to get a high quality and user-friendly access to recorded data.

We can also gladly report a successful CABSAT exhibition where many contacts were made in the middle east but also with several european countries. Dubai was a fun experience and in between meetings I gladly recommend a Dune-buggy tour! Exhilerating!

We now look onwards to the Pro Light + Sound in Frankfurt. Do come by for a chat or demo of our just.REPLAY server. We have also started development on our latest idea which will preliminary be announced in the beginning of May. A solution we hope our customers will appreciate as much as we enjoy developing it! And finally, we couldn't resist showing a picture of our nice Mass Effect 3 model ship we just acquired to our offices. We hope with time to complete with many more nerdy model ships.

More exhibitions, new features, new products


Oh boy are a lot of things happening in 2012! This year will be an eventful year filled with action, new features and new products. We will try to keep the website as up to date as possible but with all the developing happening here it is hard to keep up! So the exhibitions first:

  • The BVE Expo, 14-16th February in London. Come and see us at stand M44.
  • The Prolight + Sound, March 21-24th in Frankfurt with some new product being launched!
  • The NAB Show, 14-19th April in Las Vegas, we have already bought plae tickets but are still in negotiations to see if we'll have any prodcuts there.

The just.REPLAY has finally a Super Slowmo feature which can take HD feeds from most Super Slowmo CCUS to give you nice looking super slomo replays in 75 fps (150 fields). We've also added a few options that make the just.REPLAY even more user-friendly and more compliant to installations and standards in larger OB trucks.

Finally, we have several products in parallel development that will be launched during the year 2012. The first will be announced at the end of February and the rest will follow in a steady pace so be on the lookout for our awesome solutions!

Tutorials and Super Slowmo

Tutorials and demo videos have finally been uploaded to our Youtube Channel. Check them out for a full overview of what you can do with the just.REPLAY device - and most importantly how easy it can be done!

You may also be interested in the fact that Super Slow mo will soon be ready. It is currently being tested with Grassvalley SSL cameras but we will of course try to make sure it works with as many systems as possible. It will, when ready, be available on all just.REPLAY devices so prepare to amaze your customers with awesome looking super slowmo replays!

IBC Aftermath

Put simply, it went very well! We were all impressed by the amount of visitors and positiv feedback. We met all kind of people and had great fun discussing new equipment, the future of broadcasting and of course our own device. We are now busying ourselves with putting together more devices to make sure all interested can get their hands on demo servers to try them out. We can also gladly announce that we now have newer and bigger offices that are located in Bromma, Stockholm. We look forward getting properly settled in, and once we are be sure to visit us!

Soon coming up on the website - Instruction videos on how to use and operate the LGZ-1 HD/SD!

IBC 2011 Exhibit in Amsterdam


We now proudly announce that we will be exhibiting and demonstrating our LGZ-1 HD/SD devices at IBC as coexhibitors to our partners and official resellers Broadcast Solutions

Please visit us for a chance to look at and test the devices in an OB environment. We can be found at the Broadcast Solutions and Mediatec Group stands - OE110

LLB 2011 Exhibit in Stockholm


Yesterday was the first day of the LLB 2011 Exhibit and it went really well! My throat is soar from a long day talking and demonstrating and we've received great feedback from a surprising amount of people. Many local actors were impressed, many visitcards exchanged and I look forward meeting more people in the two days the exhibit has left. Apart from from our stand I've seen quite a few other interesting stands and it's been lots of fun to talk broadcasting with all these people gathered with all this knowledge and experience in one place!

If you haven't had the time yet, do come by for a chat!

More Broadcasts


We've had the opportunities to use the device on more broadcasts. In the football game between Hammarby and Ljungskile (division 1, aka Superettan) the device was used first in line between the mixerboard and the videocameras. Thanks to its LOOP feature the live signals from the cameras are duplicated without any delay (no framestore) and are sent directly to the mixerboard. This saves producers from using a router or several SDI splitter to duplicate SDI signals.

First broadcast

LGZ in action

The LGZ-1 HD/SD was used in the production of the training football game between Vasteras and FC Inter Abo (and yes it was snowing). The game was broadcasted on the web and the slow-motion replays looked great. It was recorded in 720p50 and above is a still frame from the games only goal which Vasteras scored in the last 5 minutes of the game. We only have a few features left we want to test further before we feel confident announcing its release. It will then be available at Scandinavian Photo. Don't hesitate to contact us if you want to try it out or meet us at LLB!

LLB Exhibit 2011

It is now official, we will attend the LLB Exhibit 18th-20th May 2011 in Stockholm. If you haven't already done so, you will finally be able to meet us, see what the LGZ-1 HD/SD looks like and of course try it out. We will be there for the whole exhibit answering questions and giving demonstrations.

Find us at B17:19.

For more info about the exhibit visit its website - LLB exhibit website